Kampos - Pl. Sintagmatos 2

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Φιλελλήνων, Pl. Sintagmatos 2, Athina 105 57, Greece

Phone : 📞 +897
Postal code : 105
Website : http://www.kamposbiomarket.gr/
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Φιλελλήνων, Pl. Sintagmatos 2, Athina 105 57, Greece
Julie Phelps on Google

Bio market/organic food store/vitamins and supplements. This place has sort of a strange inventory, catering mostly to what I deduced is the ‘international gluten free community’...tons of gluten free stuff to the detriment of the rest of their inventory...seriously like half the store is gluten free stuff. So if you need/want gluten free stuff this is the place for you (but not me)! Staff is very attentive and helpful, happy to guide you in. English through all the foreign labels.

Huge variety of bio-products or products for special diets, as keto, vegan, etc, however and as it is usual for such places, prices are high. Kind and very informed staff. Nearby Syntagma square. If nearby, pay a visit.
mylife on Google

Some of the Workers in this Shop are really strange, I did not like that some of them are really unfriendly.
Erez on Google

Sadly I did not find what I was looking for (dry soy slices, dry soy mince, firm tofu and tamarind sauce). For the items I saw along the way and was interested in buying, prices were way over the top by any standard. As a vegetarian who lived in a number of countries, I know my prices. Although we came especially for this store, we did not buy. I would expect such prices perhaps in remote places with little clientele, Athens is not one. Conduct fair business or have no business! We will be happy to return if this changes.
Daria Yavorska on Google

Good selection. I bought here tomatoes what tasted like from my grandma's garden. Only non understandable pricing for kids snacks - famous brands but why 3 times more expensive..
Dia KL on Google

Excellent bioshop which acts as a supermarket as well, wide range of healthy products, friendly and helpful staff, reasonable prices, beautiful decoration.
Michal Anela on Google

Best organic shop in Athens, really good and quality products w great customers advisers around, little pricy but not too bad for Greece where civilization is about to arrive again. Love; nice range of organic cosmetics and supplements. Missing loyality cards for regular customers. Lady w big hair style behind the counter is a star!
George Karagiannakis on Google

Huge selection of bio and vegan products, location of shop is very convenient, very close to Syntagma station. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Their prices are quite reasonable for what they offer and their quality. You could literally spend hours in this shop, their selection is amazing.

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